So, this week was Oscars week (or the academy awards to give them their full title). It was a lavish affair once again as Hollyweird’s glitterati came together to celebrate the achievements of the past year.

But yes, I have a gripe.

I really enjoyed the work from LAs finest this year, where Gravity and Twelve Years A Slave are emotional masterpieces. To be clear, I’m not bashing any guild or production house here. What I have a problem with is Ellen Degeneres tweeting a photo at the awards ceremony… and before you ask, no I don’t have any beef with Ellen or the tweet itself, more it’s stake in social history.

It’s not about the fact that we’ve chosen this tweet in particular to distract us from all the other huge issues going on in the world; neither is it about Ellen creating the greatest (micro) literary work of 21st century to date. It’s more that unlike Obama’s presidential winning tweet (which previously held the record), this has absolutely no political, humanitarian or historical impact on future generations.

Perhaps the sheer volume of the tweets from issues in Syria or Ukraine, for example, has meant that no single tweet has received more publicity over the others. Or perhaps it’s that no one celebrity has made a statement significant enough to take centre stage. To me having the title “Most this”, “Best that” or “Greatest whatever” says to me that someone has achieved or witnessed something truly remarkable.

To me, Ellen’s tweet is just another bunch of people (albeit very famous celebs) in a group selfie on a night out. I mean, I took one at new year and it got a comparatively tepid response from my Facebook chums. So I guess the combined celeb status meant that it was a popular enough tweet to take it into the stratosphere.

Best night ever! (etc)

One thing’s for sure, with a more globalised and connected world it means more Twitter users than ever before and therefore a large event such as the Oscars has the potential to generate the most retweeted tweet every year. So here’s hoping for a more worthy tweet in the coming later this year to eclipsing this one, but for now I guess I’ll just have to enjoy their happy little faces in Ellen’s photo! After all life is too short right?!

 …and now I have One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” in my head

Edit: …and now, to top it off I have One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” in my head – replace ‘song’ with ‘tweet’ – aaargh!

Via: The Verge and Twitter

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